Thursday, December 15, 2011

Students and Teachers at the Penrose School early 1900s

I'm sure this page from Mother's original photo album has been posted before, but after posting the photo above (I don't know where it came from), I thought it appropriate to show the two photos on the left of the students and teachers in the Penrose school.  Where did all these kids come from?  There aren't a half dozen people living in the Penrose valley today.  The school was a tribute to pioneer resourcefulness and emphasis on education, largely fostered by early farmers who had little, if any, education themselves.

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Elizabeth said...

Top picture on the left - Mother is the student third from the left, right in front of the teacher. In the bottom picture, she is the girl at the far right. I wouldn't make this a definite identification, but if you would look at the Good Roads Day picture, you would see a little older (14 years old) edition of this girl, identified as our mother. Is my detective work correct?