Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Look Who I Found!

I took an aimless trip to the mall to see if I could get inspired.  And indeed it happened.  It was not in the way I had ever expected.  I cut back through Penneys on my way back to my car.  There was this woman standing in line that sure had a familiar look.  And then she made that "Louise" expression.  I waited until she had made her purchase and then quietly said, "Diana".   I can't tell you how our hour visit revitalized me.

So much so, that I stopped on my way home, to take this picture of the boats in the bay with a dark sky.  It is a good day.


Ann said...

Isn't it fun to see a friendly, familiar face in an unexpected place.

Elizabeth said...

Surprises all over the place. Just goes to show that we're always supposed to mind our P's & Q's. Nice picture - glad you had your camera.