Friday, January 27, 2012

Family gathering at Wasdens July 15 1951.

I resurrected this one a bit. Priceless image. Norman must have taken photo. Taken just after I left Penrose to go back to Laramie and try to replace all my jobs I lost when I went home in March to help get the field work done.  Grandpa's granary and tractor shed in back on the left; high corral pole gate in the background; Oscar's prize Chrysler by the fence.  Three Wasden sisters: Elna, Minnie, Lucinda.


Ann said...

This photo looks great. Which program did you use? Keep up the good work. What a neat little glimpse of our Penrose life and some of the people who were an important part of that world.

Elizabeth said...

We were all so young!

Dwight said...

I used ACDSee to start, then four different Topaz filters in Photoshop. I was amazed that there was a teensy spot of pale green in the grass; otherwise the photo would not have opened in Topaz. Then I was pleasantly surprised to see how much color could be resurrected. Probably could still be better, but final photo was worth the effort.