Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Epistle from Judy January 8, 1950

Garland, Wyo.
January 8, 1950

Dear Old Bubbie Dwight,

I miss you a lot.  I can't even be ornery.  Oh! Yes.  Art wrote Louise a letter.  Today we started the game of Pit.  We didn't get very far.  We played with the bull and the bear.  It's fun, but there isn't much excitement in the game.  The scores are Daddy 5, Louise 210, Elizabeth 270, and I got 155.  That's all the farther we got.

The other night I dreamed that you couldn't find a job and only 5 people are going to school so they weren't going to have school so you came home.

Mr. Harris's plow got stold.  See he left it over at Rosie's place.  He went to get it and it wasn't there.  Your children (pigs) are still here and o.k. so you don't have to worry about them.

Your old Bubbie,
Judy Blood


Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad that you kept these gems. Judy was a most faithful correspondent! These have been great fun to read, and you can see the world you left behind through her eyes. Loved the dream sequence. She really thought your place was at home! That's called love - even though you used to tease the daylights out of everyone.

Judy said...

Not only could I not spell, but it seems that I wasn't sure of the correct form for a lower case "d". I am sure that what I really wanted was to be your buddy! Dwight, these letters are evidence that make it clear how much I adored you. That was smart of me!

Judy said...

Also, we obviously knew how important the pigs were to you.

Louise Blood said...

i love the "bubbie " Also, interesting that you kept Dwight informed about my boy friends. But, who is Art? I finally figured out abouf who H.L. was,how could I have forgotten about him? Dwight, I hope you will continue to share these gems with us. Ann and Judy seem to be enjoying them as well. I probably never thought to write.

Judy said...

Louise,you might need to rewrite your life story after Dwight has brought all of these details to light. Obviously I was enjoying your love life as much or maybe more than you were! Keep making comments, we love hearing your 2 cents.