Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dwight (future Economics Professor) in the Melon Patch

Apparently this year (probably 1933) was the first and last year when weather conditions were perfect for growing cantaloupe because I don't remember that we ever succeeded again.


Ann said...

I love this photo. There were a few years later on, when there were just the three of us home, when we had success in growing the cantaloupe. Those short Wyoming growing seasons just weren't very helpful.

Judy said...

Melons.....I think I always called this picture: Dwight in the punkin patch. Cutie boy.

Elizabeth said...

A very special picture. 1963 was the year that Sara was born, and Mother and Daddy came to Riverton with a bucket full of cantaloupe. Delicious! They just never quit trying. After all, there was plenty of garden ground, and the odds were that sooner or later they would hit the cantaloupe jackpot! Look how innocent Dwight looks. Who'd a thunk it that he'd grow up to be an economist and a curmudgeonly professor?