Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to Louise

Here it is July 14.  Velna told me a week ago to send a card, but my busy itinerary intervened.  Maybe this will do until I get a card sent, and it's always better to string one's birthday out just as long as possible.  Dear oldest sister and sibling, we all share this day with you and send our love and best wishes. Thank you for making grade school so boring by being my teacher.


Elizabeth said...

Louise was a born teacher, for sure. We did enjoy playing school at home. I got to spend part of this day with Louise, and wish her a happy birthday in person. I know that it was a good day - may it end as well, and the coming year be full of blessings.

Louise Blood said...

Thank you for the sweet sentiments. Grade school would have been boring for anyway, you were just too far above anything it had to offer then. 4th and 5th grades were fun when we were in the same class.

Louise Blood said...

P. S. That's third and fourth grades, (our favorite teachers, too.) also thank you for the lovely flower garden picture.