Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ruminations, Advanced Philosophies, and Petrified Wisdom

Here is what I know today:

  • I have spent considerable time trying to shrink the size of the heading photo for this blog.  Blogspot, being antiquated, requires that you go in and edit HTML language.  Have you looked at HTML for a Blogger post?  Try as I may, I cannot locate the dimensions of the header so that I can shrink them to less than half a page.  I did try re-sizing the photo, which you see above.  The shrunken Penrose river bridge seems sacrilegious to me, like it is unworthy of even crossing to get to the other side.  So if some genius wants to learn HTML, we can shrink the size of the header.  One would think wouldn't one that Blogger at this stage of their existence would have a few options besides humongous for their header.
  • Ann and I discussed the stuff that needs to be done to archive Dad's inlay work.  (I realize that in the latter days his work became more sophisticated and was referred to as marquetry.  I never heard the word marquetry until I was very old).  I was a bit disappointed that hardly anyone wanted the photo book of Dad's pictures that I had printed.  Steve, according to Ann, is investigating possibilities here. It would be nice if we could finish this project before the six of us start going to a better place (as they euphemistically say at one's demise).  Actually, I like the place I am in right now.  
  • Roosters are against the law in Orem, although the Anderson family, who lived across the block from us in Orem, surely had a rooster a few years ago because hens definitely do not crow like roosters.
  • Somehow I keep getting duplicate references when I post to FaceBook which I do not like except for kid's pictures and the You Know You're From Laramie stuff.  How do I get this extra stuff off of there? (There being an indefinite antecedent but irregardless I am certain you all can tell to what I am referring to)
  • Various ones are doing a good job of resurrecting hidden treasures of photos that were squirreled away and are just now coming to light.  I've seen most of these, but have no idea where or when, and I'm really glad to see them again.  Keep them coming.  Keep digging amongst your hidden treasures.
  • I must now gird up and hie to WalMart, much as I hate to go.  Have a nice day.


Ann said...

Marquetry? Aren't you glad there are still new words out there to learn?

Elizabeth said...

Confusion reigns this morning, and I don't know which comment I need to respond to, and since I've been talking to kids all morning, and need to go water the flowers, which will die in their pots in this continually hot temperature every day if I don't, I'll have to be thinking about comments. Glad you're giving us your bits of wisdom again. We need it.

Ann said...

Today there are pretty zinnias in the header. Beautiful!

Judy said...

this post is almost as varied as fabric choices for a quilt! Nice.