Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sometime in the Sixties

Facebookees have started a "throwback Thursday" tradition.  That tradition might be fun for us to do, either to rerun photos or even find some we have not yet used on the blog.  While I cannot claim to be the original owner of this picture, Dwight has shared and so I hope I am at liberty to use.
Year?  I'm not sure, but I believe Mother is wearing the beautiful dress that she bought for Ann's wedding.  Her hair is still long and after being "waved" it is pulled back into a bun. 
Is Dwight really taller than Daddy or is he just standing on higher ground?  Wonderful and rare photo.
Left to right:  Elizabeth, Dwight, Russell and Minnie Blood


Ann said...

I suspect this photo was taken in 1964 or possibly 1965. Yes, the dress Mother is wearing is one she bought for my wedding. She originally cut her hair short in about 1955-56. I remember when she came home after having had the deed done. I have always suspected Dad was a little sad to see her long hair go, but teaching school necessitated something easier to care for, so she came home with a perm in her short hair. It looked very nice on her. This photo represents one of her growing out phases. I think she always struggled with how to fix her short hair. For several years after she got her hair cut, I would roll her hair on curlers as part of our "Saturday evening getting ready for Sunday" routine.

Elizabeth said...

Photo was taken in the summer of 1965. Sara was almost 2, and the other pictures taken at the same time show that. I went with Mother to Fern's Beauty Shop in Powell to get her hair cut in 1955 before I went to Riverton to teach (I think that's right.) It was quite an honor to cut Mother's hair. She often was sorry that it was gone, because winding it into a knob at the back of her head was so much easier than all of the curling, etc. (I remember how Louise, Dwight, and I used to tease her and call it a door knob.)

Judy said...

I still want to know, was Dwight really taller than Dad?
Thanks for contributions about Mother's hair. Cutting it short was a very big deal.

Elizabeth said...

Yes. I don't know Dwight's height, but Dad was 6'.