Monday, November 18, 2013

Visiting the Exclusive Orem Back-yard Chicken Farm

 If only someone would tell me how to get these pictures in the proper order for my story, I would appreciate it.  Anyway, this is one of the more exotic chickens in Ann's flock - does she lay eggs?speckled eggs?
 The problem with chickens is that they have to be fed and water supplied.  We know about milkmaids - is there such a thing as chicken maids?  If so, see below.  Chicken-keeper with a smile!  That's Ann!
 And, here is the famous chicken coop that Paul built - complete with canvas wrap so that the snow will stay away from the chickens.  This repaves the infamous blue tarp that was Ann's nemeses last winter.
Note at the back of the coop on for far right side, the laying boxes that jut out from the coop - Gathering eggs is simple - lift the lid and there are the eggs.  What cooperative hens!  
It was fun to see how well this whole system works, but it has taken quite a bit of effort for those fabulous eggs.


Ann said...

And if they don't start laying more eggs we will have yummy chicken soup and start over in the spring.

Judy said...

Once the feathers are off you won't be able to tell one chicken from the other so it will be okay. Sorry to hear that the egg production is down. 'Tis good that you have the pictures to illustrate your chicken/egg story.

Dwight said...

Just turn those lazy non layers over to the animal shelter