Monday, January 13, 2014

Steve and the big lamp

I do hate to put anything on the blog to go ahead of the wonderful pictures of Laura's beautiful day, but I keep looking at old pictures, too.  This one brings back memories, and I can put colors in this picture.  The couch was a pale aqua, the chair a reddish color, and the the six-sided lampshade with Pocahontas  (Dad's name for that panel) a definite antique.  So you think Steve was reading anything but a comic book?


Ann said...

It's always good to move on. This is one of those classic photos. What a cute little boy. He looks so innocent!?

Judy said...

The detail is good. (How many times did we vacuum the couch and chair?) Nice clean up on the old photo. Yes, a cute little boy.

Steve Blood said...

It was either the Wall Street Journal or Jughead, not sure which. Still innocent!!!