Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2 Cents From Judy

Maybe this might be something that Dwight had in mind with his last blog post.

From September of 1980, I have a letter from him of which I am quoting a snippet.

"If you can think of anything else Mom would like or would enjoy please either go ahead and get it and let me share expense or let me know so we can sent it from here.  There are so many things I have thought of over the years that I would like to send her and wish I could have or would have when she would have enjoyed them, but I don't think 'things' ever were that important to her, so at least maybe nothing has been lost.  I worry about her being warm in the night in that house, with the heat turned down."

This is just such a lovely passage, full of loving emotion.


Elizabeth said...

The summer of 1980 was such a difficult summer, and yet a summer of great upheaval and blessings. I'm just thankful that I could be in Washington that summer - to be there for Mother and Dad, as well as everything else that went on. Glad you saved that letter, Judy.
I do remember the new purse that Dwight gave Mother for Mother's Day the year that Pat graduated from high school, and Brig went on his mission. The purse was so wonderful and had so many pockets, that she lost her recommend in a secret pocket - had to call Olympia so that she and Dad could go through the Provo temple with Brig. She found the right pocket later on that trip, and we all laughed about it.

Dwight said...

I gave mom several purses over the years. Each time we gave her a new one her response always was "This one will do me." But I always wondered what else could I, or should I, have given her or done for when I had a chance to do so.