Monday, September 15, 2014

Judy Strangling the Poor Cat

I know we've all seen this picture many times, taken by Uncle Norman, I think, on the day he took pictures of all of us.  However, I don't know if we've seen it in a lightened-up version.  So many details appear in this photo.  I was going to list them, but I am leaving that task up to the five of you. I'm looking forward to your list.  I think the comments we make back and forth about these photos and the memories they stir are really important in our family history.

OK here's the list:

  • The original chicken house was just south of the coal bin when we first moved to Penrose.
  • The sawhorses, already noted.
  • The coal bin
  • The copper boiler we used to heat wash water and bath water
  • We had sugar beets right up to our doorstep the first year we were in Penrose.  I suppose Dad was looking for every extra dollar he could find.
  • The telephone poles that anchored our sturdy clothesline.
  • The wooden boxes that kicked around forever under the clothesline.
  • The polka dot dress Judy is wearing:  Is that the same dress Louise wore in her famous picture?
  • Anything else?


Ann said...

Nice kitty, cute Judy.

Judy said...

At least my face isn't all squinched up...Did that cat survive? That is the question. Nice sawhorses that were used for teeter tauter (?) We could go pretty high on the board. And be sure to bounce hard on the ground when you are down so the other person flies. No wonder playgrounds don't have them anymore.