Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Mountain Climber and the Paper Carrier: Judy and Bob, Penrose, in the 60's

This picture was just too good to led molder in the archives.  Robert here shows the Happy Days type person that charmed Judy.  I think it was the hat that done it.  Plus maybe the glasses.  Or maybe it was the insouciant devil-may-care but life is good pose.  What do you think?
After I posted this, I had a sharp pang of recognition.  Does Robert's shirt look familiar?  Well there may be a little difference, but not much.  Nice style, though.  I'm now through editing this post.


Elizabeth said...

Good picture - which baby, Judy?

Ann said...

I know, I know. Just married is the first clue.

Judy said...

Ann is so smart!