Friday, October 17, 2014

Nobody's Home

After whining to Steve about how to get rid of the chickens, in his amazing wisdom he said "put an ad on Craig's list". Being an independent thinker, I went to a local radio station's on-line classified section and there I found a wonderful solution. A farmer-type was advertising that he would take chickens, ducks, geese for his bug control project. All we had to do was drop them off. We put the seven surviving, only laying an egg every now and again, chickens in a box with a vented top, Paul took them to Lehi and presto, they have a new home. Now when we wake up in the morning we don't hear them talking to us, there are no new dug up grass spots and backyard life has gone back to being very quiet - almost boring.
Will we do it again? It was a fun project until I broke my leg. We loved having the eggs, but I have found another farmer who will sell eggs from their "free range" chickens for $3.00 a dozen. That is probably still cheaper than having our own chickens. Guess we will have to wait and see what the early spring brings.
Nobody's Home!


Judy said...

That the hen house is empty is a little sad. That you found a life saving solution for them is awesome. Don't transform the chicken house into a garden shed.....yet.

Steve Blood said...


Elizabeth said...

Can you make a greenhouse out of the chicken house? Maybe some little guinea hens? Surely, there is some exotic animal that would love to live in your back yard. Oh, and remember, no box elder bugs with the chickens. Anyway, congratulations on your solution to "the problem."

Elizabeth said...
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