Monday, February 9, 2015

Sunlight and the 7D Ranch

When Steve enlightened us about the 7D Ranch being the original Dewey Riddle Ranch, I linked to the 7D facebook page so I could recycle the 7D facebook posts.  Dewey Riddle was married to Elsie, my grandmother Louise's sister, so Dewey and Elsie were Dad's aunt and uncle.  We heard so much about Sunlight and the Dewey Riddle Ranch when we were little that these places became magic in our imaginations.  Here was where Dad met Mom when she went to the ranch to be a cabin girl one summer.  When I see the various photos of the ranch, Sunlight Basin, and the surrounding mountains and countryside, I feel that for the first time I am seeing the area that was so familiar to Dad and that I am seeing what I have always wanted to see as I look at pictures of the ranch and the Sunlight Basin. The 7D Ranch, I learned, is named after the 7 members of the Dominick family who run the ranch.


Louise Blood said...

I've always had the same feelings you expressed about Sunlight and the Dewey Ranch. A few years ago when I was in Powell for class reunion I had Lynn and Cheryl drive up the road to Sunlight, hoping to find the ranch. If I remember right we actually did see the 7D ranch but didn't know about it. Sunlight does have a special meaning in our lives.

Steve Blood said...

The place was and is bigger than life to me. I remember going up there after Elsie and Dewey had moved and fell in love with it. I remember them coming to Penrose, I told Ann that I got in trouble for pestering Uncle Dewey and pulling on the back of the rocking chair in which he was sitting. I have been back there a couple of times over the years.

Elizabeth said...

Steve, I never knew that Dewy and Elsie came to Penrose. Where was I? When was it? More details, please.