Monday, February 9, 2015

Today is Grace's Day

Today we are thinking about Grace.  Grace is a beautiful little girl who has been in a lot of pain. These pictures were taken several years ago during a visit from the Galas. Now she is eleven years old and I am sure even more beautiful.  So we all send our wishes and prayers for relief from the pain that has caused so much concern and misery. We need to see this smile back on her face and listen once more to her laughter.


Ann said...

Beautiful photos along with kind thoughts. Thank you!

Judy said...

Such sweet thoughts and words. Can't tell you how much they help to lift our spirits when they get a little draggy. Thank you everyone. You do make a difference.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful pictures and words. I always think of the picture of Judy and Grace with the "fancy hats". Pure enjoyment of grandma and granddaughter!