Friday, May 15, 2015

What Am I?

While I realize the blog hasn't had a lot of activity lately, maybe this is a good place to share these photos.

First,in talking with Elizabeth and trying to describe a flower that was planted last summer, my description wasn't doing any good. Perhaps a photo will help. The seeds sat there until late fall when low mounding leaves showed up before the cold winter set in. Then this summer it went crazy and grew to be over five feet tall and has been loaded with beautiful flowers that have a delicate fragrance and resemble phlox. So, what am I?

Second, about seven weeks ago, before the flowers grew and when we had gone for a long time without any rain/snow, the birds were on a hunt for some place to take a bath or get a drink. We began filling the bird bath and this was the result.  I had the wrong lense on my camera so they aren't as sharp as they should be, but they are still fun.
               Perhaps a fitting caption for these photos should be "Saturday Night Bath time


Elizabeth said...

The flower looks like penstemon - Mine grow that tall, but they are white - not as striking a color. And, love your birds. It's still fun to look out the window and watch a bird splash away, taking a beauty bath. Today, they are busy pulling out earthworms in he rain.

Elizabeth said...

Okay, nobody is reading this anyway, except for Ann, so the rest of you don't know I made a mistake - the flower is phlox, pronounced like "fish" (ph=f). Sorry.