Saturday, May 30, 2015

Happy Birthday to Steve May 30 2015

Every time one of our siblings was born at home, we children were dispatched up to Aunt Cindy's for the home birth.  Steve's arrival was no different on May 30 1944 when we were in Penrose and we crossed the field up to the home where Aunt Cindy and Uncle Norman lived for a short time.  Dr. Coulston did the honors and, as I recall, mother had made homemade bread with honey for him ahead of time.  I was 12 years old when Steve arrived, who blessedly dwelt in a crib in the living room for the first part of his journey in life.  And then, misery upon horror, the noisy, squally, little nuisance was consigned to my private bedroom.  Oh the injustice!  My life was no longer a luxury while all my sisters were crammed in the girl's dorm next door!  I couldn't help it if they were all girls.  Besides, they liked staying together.  Maybe.  Five years later I left home for good just after turning 17.  Steve was left with the luxury of inhabiting my formerly private bedroom all by his own royal self.  Oh the injustice once more.  Since Steve was so young when I left home, I only became acquainted with him as the years went by and as I returned home sporadically.  Steve was an apt and able pupil.  I taught him the scientific principle of centrifugal force by twirling the slop bucket up over my head without spilling a drop, thus saving Steve the necessity of enrolling in a science course.  I taught Steve music appreciation as he quickly and permanently learned all of the verses of "I won't go huntin' with you Jake" which we both could sing today as a lovely duet for the entertainment of the less fortunate.

So here is what we know about Steve today on his birthday.  Mischievous. Bright. Talented actor. Horrible musician. Consummate artist and creative genius.  Wouldn't Dad be proud of him for his wonderful artistry?  Persevered and never gave up through the tough times.  Never quit trying and never quit working.  Married Mary Lynn, a genius, one of his most outstanding accomplishments. Laughter.  Reminds me of Dad's laughter.  Great sense of humor.  Loves living in 30 ft of snow every winter.  Like Grandpa Wasden, he can create something beautiful and something incredible out of what originally looked like nothing.  Loyal sibling to the five of us and loyal dad to his kids.  Loves his ugly dog.  Remembers everything that he and Ann perpetrated.  Stuffed junk through the hole in the wall from the doorknob in my previously private bedroom.  Knew all the secret hiding places.

I have taken many thousands of pictures over the years but I have never taken any better photos than the two top photos of Steve.  They stand out as gems.  The third photo is from Steve's John Wayne and Clint Eastwood incarnation.

Happy Birthday, Steve, from Dwight, Louise, Elizabeth, Judy, and Ann


Ann said...

Happy Birthday to the best "little" brother ever. Some days I wish we were back on our bikes riding everywhere they could possibly go, laughing like crazy, without a care in the world. I hope your day is wonderful. Love you. Ann

P.S. Dwight, what a happy thing it is to read your "family memories" writing again.

Elizabeth said...

I remember the day Steve was born - I thought we were taken to Grandma's, but maybe we were split up? Louise got to stay behind, because she had to take the bread out of the oven, but then she came and joined us. I remember when we finally got home that night, Steve was lying on one of the blue couch pillows with a pillow case on it, and he was so long that he reached from one end of the pillow to the other. I don't really know how Mother had such a big baby - She told me once that he weighed 12 pounds. Ouch!!!! However, Steve's heart is as big as he is "big", and he very beloved. His artistic talents, and his ability to make mischief, as well as communicate well endears him to us. Glad those daughters are there to help you make merry on this day. Much love, Elizabeth (and Ron, too, plus Dorothy is here, so she sends her best.)

Louise Blood said...

Sorry, I'm a day late in wishing you a happy birthday. Isn't it kind of nice to have older siblings who can remember little details of your birth? We all sensed that morning that this would be a special day because Mother and Daddy were talking rather softly to each other. I remember how we were all thrilled when we saw our little baby brother. You are a neat brother, and I love your sense of humor and your laugh. Happy birthday, with my love!

Steve Blood said...

Maybe the best birthday ever, I am touched beyond my emotional tolerable capacity by all of you, my loving and gracious wife and my forever ornery and loveable children. I am blessed.

Judy said...

May I include my very tardy, but heartfelt expressions of love for our youngest. Since I talked with Steve today, I know that he had a wonderful birthday. That's great! I also know that I don't remember him ever having a "bad day" even when work got tough at the shop. Keep cheering us on, Steve! We need you.