Monday, July 13, 2015

Tuesday is Louise's Day - Time to Celebrate Our Sister

 Here we are - all spiffed up for the first day of school.  I was beginning sixth grade - note the penny loafers with the penny in each one.  Louise looked so put together with her matching brown and white dress and shoes.  Didn't we look grand?  Dwight was ever the "poser" and picture taker - thank goodness for his passion for pictures so that our family history is more complete.  (You really did do Family History work, Dwight.)
 This is a favorite picture of my beautiful older sister.  This was excerpted from a picture of friends who were working on the high school annual.  About 1948-9?
 And I love this picture! Is this a pleased look or a quizzical one? - but where is our paradise of Penrose remembered?  We really must have had fun playing in the dirt.
And this is my quilting mentor.  Louise always paved the way for me.  She was tidy, I was not, but later in life, I realized that was the only way to go.  She wanted to be a teacher, and cut pictures out of all of the magazines to save for future use, so I had to find pictures in the discarded ones and do the same.  She loved paper dolls, so I loved them.  She loved to do puzzles, but wouldn't let me put a piece in her first 1,000 piece puzzle.  Oh, well.  But, it was the quilts that got me.  She made quilts for her first babies, so when I was going to become a mother, I had to do the same.  Louise was always there to help me when I became stuck on a project.  One example she is to me is that she has such a funny sense of humor, and, in spite of a tough life, looks on the bright side.  She is a fantastic Mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, and is very blessed to have children close by.  She earned it!
And, to cap it all off, Louise continues to set the example for all of us, by living a full life, with enthusiasm for new projects to do.  I wonder if she ever counted how many quilts she has made????
A Very Happy Birthday to You, Sister Dear!

But, how could I forget our dishes sessions?  She was the boss, so she washed, and I dried.  Lots of important conversations and topics were covered during this time.  Always remember that doing dishes together is a a wonderful together time?


Ann said...

What I remember about you two doing the dishes is Dwight's unceremoniously snapping dishtowels and other "things".

Dear Louise,
This is indeed a day to celebrate. You just seem to quietly keep doing what you need to do and that is something to be admired.
I love you and hope you have a wonderful day.

Dwight said...

Nice job, Liz, you beat me to it! Happy birthday to Louise. Your card is on the way, thus lengthening out your birthday. Thank you for teaching me how to read, thus leading to several grades of boredom in grade school. Thanks for visiting Paris with me to see Pierre so we could tell Liz about it. Thanks for all of the band trips and events together with your trusty French horn and my wonderful tuba. Thank you for your robust laughter and good cheer as you have gone through thick and thin. Thank you for being a lifelong pal. As our senior sibling, we defer to your advanced wisdom and knowledge. Have a wonderful birthday, from one of your little brothers, Love, Dwight.

Louise Blood said...

I feel like royalty, this is all so touching and sweet, so if I can see through my tears I will tell you how much I love all my brothers and sisters, you all mean the world to me. I couldn't have had a better traveling companion in Paris. Now there were some experiences to talk about. The best thing is that all of our memories were and are happy ones- even doing the dishes. I feel honored about what Elizabeth said about "following" my examples (I just hope I haven't or won't lead you astray). And since you asked about the number of quilts I've made - and this is in by no means a record - but I have tallied around 135 bed size and about 20 or so assorted small projects. At least it keeps me out of trouble. Thanks again for your loving tributes.

Judy said...

Louise is the only one of our family to have 2 little brothers. And it is so nice of Dwight to acknowledge that! Wish I could write all that I am feeling about this birthday for Louise. Hollywood glamour of her day included Lana Turner, Betty Grable, etc. I always thought they were no contest for my sister. Between her beautiful eyes, and her gorgeous auburn hair, she made heads turn. She is as good as she is beautiful. And I love her very much. Happy Birthday Sister!
Yes, Elizabeth you did a very nice job.