Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Today at 2:00 pm MST the Blood Family will gather together in Riverton, Utah to rejoice and to give thanks and to mourn.  Since I will not be there, I will dress appropriately, listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing "Homeward Bound", and reflect on my own memories.

We have been blessed to have shared life's journey intimately with one of God's faithful stalwarts, Velna Black Blood.  And because we love her so, emotions are close and our eyes will become cloudy with tears.  But we will also let a smile cross our face and maybe even a chuckle as we recall her ready wit and humor.

This is what I will remember about Velna.
The summer in Fort Collins while working for Dwight, Velna took me under wing.  She had their little boy, Russell, to tend with another baby on the way. Yet her patience with all of us ruled her day.

Velna, Dwight and Russell, home in Penrose for a visit.

She handled my brother as no one else could have or would have.  She saved him.

(See what I mean?)

I cannot find photos of all the times the Petersen kids found home away from home at Velna's home. All sought the comfort of her home and the food from her kitchen.  They were smart beggars.  They knew where to go!

This photo taken at the temple is probably my favorite.  She loved her family fiercely.  She loved music, the church and Dwight. She was loyal and true.  

We know it will be difficult to be her equal,  


Steve Blood said...

Very Nice

Ann said...

I'm sorry you and Steve couldn't be there to say goodbye, but what a perfect way to pay tribute to Velna. The service was certainly reflective of her goodness and the love of her family.
Thank you for being there in the only way you could.