Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kathryn Ann's 73rd Birthday

Remember when Ann was a little twerp?  Her hair was so long that the only way Mother could keep it neat was to braid it into very long braids that flew behind her. But what a cute little girl and to think that she is our sister!

I have this photo labeled "Queen Ann's Coronation".  This seems most appropriate, since Ann has the ability to rule.....the roost, her family, her ward, her brothers and sisters.   There is not a one of us that would be foolish enough not to want to do her bidding. After all, she knows ...."here's what you do."
I seek her advice, her balancing ability and her secrets for endurance.  We all love her and are so blessed that Dr. Graham made it to Ralston, Wyoming on the fist day of December 1942 to help Mother safely bring this baby girl into the world.  Happy Birthday Ann!!!!


Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Judy - Both are pictures that I didn't have! I well remember that snowy December 1st when we arrived home from school to see a strange car in the yard. As we wiped our shoes on the old brown doormat outside the door, Louise sagely announced that Mother must have had a baby. How did she know such things? Anyway, there was Kathryn Ann, and Daddy told me that the doctor brought her in his black bag. I think I was a believer. Anyway, she was cute, and she slept in the crib that Judy used to have. (Where did you sleep, Judy?) Ann has survived so much in her life, and her constant research for ways to make life better for Paul and herself has benefitted the rest of us. Advice from the youngest is always full of wisdom. gained over the years with all of her experience. Happy Day, Annie, and may the coming year bring you good things. Love to you from Preston!

Ann said...

It's kind of intriguing to be reminded that having something nice said about ones' self by people I love and trust provides such sweet validation (twerp?). I promise to not let it go to my head! Thank you for sweet thoughts and happy birthday wishes. Love you all.