Friday, January 13, 2017

An Anniversary and the "Penrose Gang"

 As we go through this low place on our life travels,  beautiful flowers are reminders of the many blessings we have experienced during the last 6 months.  The picture above is of a Christmas arrangement that daughters Dorothy and Sara sent to us.  This bouquet lasted over two weeks, and gave us a special reminder of the wonderful smells of evergreens.
  Live has been more than difficult for both of us, but particularly Ron during this past six months.  But there are bright spots.   This week, we observed our 36th wedding anniversary.  Who'd have thought that two people who found each other in the middle of our time on earth could make it to 36?  Many wonderful reminders of the years gone by are present in our everyday life.  These gorgeous roses came last night (via FedEx) and they revived beautifully. They are a gift from the "Penrose Gang", which means my five siblings - 3 sisters and 2 brothers.  What wonderful thoughtfulness to help lift our spirits and give us beauty to enjoy in our home.  Please enlarge the top picture to see my reflection in the tv.
 Aren't these pink roses delicious?
And, last but not all or least, our friends in the next cup-de-sac delivered this poinsettia before Christmas.  Still going strong, and giving us color during this cold snowy time of winter.

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Ann said...

The flowers are all beautiful. Thirty six years? Can't be. Congratulations. What a blessing it is that you two amazing people found each other. Love you both.