Friday, January 27, 2017

Remembering Ron Gage

All of my good photos of Ron include Elizabeth.  That tells the story.  This morning at 11 am Pacific time and 12 noon Mountain time, family and friends have gathered in the Preston LDS chapel to say goodbye to Ronald Gage, with tears and smiles, hope and faith, stories of his life and scripture that bears the truth of his eternal reward.

Our family loved the years they lived on Tumwater Hill and we could frequently breeze in and out of the Gage home at will.  Ron accepted into his intimate life Elizabeth's siblings and their spouses just as generously as he did her children.  And he earned a place in our hearts that will last always.

Love is a wonderful feeling that reaches beyond barriers of time and place.  Hold on to that.  Yes,


Ann said...

You said it beautifully so I can only add an Amen.

Elizabeth said...

Ii've never seen this wonderful picture. Thank you, Judy, for this. Love all of you!

Julie W said...

I'm lucky enough to be their neighbor. I love this picture.

Steve Blood said...

I haven't looked at this blog forever, this post convinces me that I need to pay attention. Very, very nice!!