Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer 2017

Dear Family,

With our house beginning to feel very empty, there is time to take a few minutes and share a couple of things.

First, in honor of Mother and Dad, we grew a few gladiolas this year. The bulbs were not of the highest quality, but they did serve to encourage us to do better next year.

The next photo is just a reminder that it isn't always wise to ignore summer squash/zucchini in the garden. Just in case there is any concern about how to use said over grown item, here is an idea. Just so you know, I really will cut, scrape out the seeds, and stir fry them, but this simply makes them a multi usable item. 


Judy said...

The gladiolus are beautiful.....We never get over them, do we? Now they are cheering you just when you needed them most. The squash is a different story....Is that a door stop I see? If you cook all of that, you shouldn't starve this summer.. What a good girl you are!

Elizabeth said...

Nothing says summer and Mother and Daddy more than gladiolus. The Penrose field was so incredible to see! Thanks, Ann, for sharing this beautiful bouquet. Maybe not up to standards, but still very pretty.
And zucchini is so notorious for hiding - even in my box-grown plants. I found two to rival your summer squash. Grate? Whatever?