Thursday, June 15, 2017

Remembering Daddy

I don't remember Dad ever wearing sunglasses , but I do remember that tilt of his head so that the brim of his straw hat or winter cap could shade his eyes from the bright Wyoming sun.  The backdoor steps were a good place to sit and absorb the southern warmth.  He is with Robert and Jay in the spring of 1968, one of our few visits home to Penrose.

This is one of the last photos I took of our father before he left Olympia and returned to Cody and the western sunsets.  There is a peek at the historic "pole chair" to his side.   How I love and miss his smile.


Elizabeth said...

And he was proud of the stained glass panels he made when we went to class together. (He was more productive than I was.) However, after his brief fling with cutting glass he decided that he would rather make marquetry pictures. One of the joys I have is that I have those conversations that Mother recorded way back in the 70's and in 1980. Daddy's booming voice, and, yes, his laugh brighten my day when the shuffle moves from music to our conversations. Brings a big smile to my face! Thank you, Judy, for posting!

Steve Blood said...

These are great, I can still see father in the cap, it was just him. Dad is still in many of my dreams, most of them dealing with the shop or the Penrose house, most of the hilarious. Happy Fathers Day to all eligible candidates.

Ann said...

It is an incredible phenomenon that seems to happen as life slows down a little (note, I said "a little"). There is time for sweet memories to sneak in a little more often and
dreams of Mother and Dad and our family that somehow seem so real become happy visits. Happy Father's Day.