Thursday, October 23, 2008

A New Blog for the Church History Tour

I decided it would be much easier to provide continuity of the photos from our Church history tour on a separate blog, so I started a blog to do just that, linked on the right.  I already have 10 hits, 9 from me and 1 from South America. Imagine.  Our poor Penrose blog is feeling as abandoned as this old weather beaten church house.  We will have to watch our combined storage use on Penrose, D & V, and Family Heritage.  Right now we are about 8%, but we can upgrade for $20 or so for 10G, which I will take care of when the time comes.  If you haven't caught on, Picasa records all Blogspot photos, so you can check their gallery by clicking the Picasa icon.  I'm not sure I'll leave the new blog on Blogspot.  Some things are easier on Blogspot, like adding your own photo banner, but some things, like posting strings of photos are a pain in the neck.  I'll try it awhile and see.  Cheer for the Powell Panthers, since the Cougars obviously failed to heed Bronco's admonition to achieve perfection.

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