Monday, October 13, 2008


Last week, we were picking raspberries from our fall-bearing canes - after two heavy frosts (20 degrees on Friday morning and this morning), there probably aren't any left, but oh, they were delicious! Picking raspberries always brings back memories of Mother and Dad's big patch in Washington. Picking with Dad was always a challenge because he liked to reach through the row and take the big ones on my side, as well as his. Raspberry picking time was a good time to talk and laugh and work together. Remember Mother's last summer, when Judy would bring baby Ben over, put him in the bedroom with Mother, and then we'd go down to the patch and pick like crazy. It was solace to do the practical things that summer - made life a little easier.


Ann said...

I'm sorry your season is done for the year. We did laugh alot in the raspberry patch. And Dad did have a knack for seeing the big juicy ones and was not a respecter of my side as opposed to his side. Dad would call Beth a "gold bricker" in an attempt to cajole her into enjoying the exercise, although later he felt bad about it - but oh how she hated picking the raspberries. She would have preferred to do just about anything else but that. Great memories of a time when we all felt quite safe, but sad that Mother was ill.

Judy said...

Elizabeth's raspberries are beautiful. Dosen't Mother Nature put more sugar in the last berries of the season? Mine only produce during July and a couple of weeks in August. What is the secret?
The whole berry thing is so much a part of our life!