Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Northern Wyoming Map from 1939

Brig found this old Shell map of the State of Wyoming that includes the site of Penrose. I put a red star on the map to help you find it. Be sure to enlarge this map. It also includes the post office for Painter, which is in Sunlight. That is the place where many letters between Mother and Dad were addressed to when Dad was working in Sunlight during the Depression.


Ann said...

What a great treasure. Having worked up North Fork at both Shoshone and Blackwater Lodge, it is interesting to see what lodges existed in 1939 and how many of them still existed in the 1960's. Modernization in some things is a good thing but having this map certainly gives a more thorough lay of the land from the perspective of the "old timers". Thank you for sharing!

Judy said...

I love this old map. I have a sense of comfort knowing that places are where I remember them with old roads and all.