Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feeding the cats - Ralston, circa 1943

So Mother did feed cats! - Once upon a time before we children took over and did the auxiliary feeding. Actually, cats were supposed to earn their keep by keeping down the mouse population, and they never ever came in the house - except - I remember popcorn nights in the little brown house when a cat might be invited in to pick up any extra popcorn that fell on the floor. Love this picture of Judy with her socks not quite meeting the bottom of the coat - remember the ugly brown socks that wanted to sag, the garter belts that kept breaking, etc., etc., etc. The helmet caps were all the thing. And Mother might have Judy all buttoned up, but she is not wearing any jackets or sweaters.


Louise Blood said...

Ah,, there really are more cat pictures, and what gems these are. Love the stockings. Hated wearing them, but since girls didn't wear long pants in those days we had to wear something to keep our legs warm. I remember whan I was living at Thompsons and walked to the college my legs would be so cold I couldn' feel them. I even wished I'd had the long stockings. But when I was young I was jealous of the town girls because they didn't have to wear them. I'm so glad you found these pictures, I only faintly remember seeing them before, but I'm not really sure that I have. Any more?

Ann said...

Classic pictures. Cute Judy, cats and long stockings! The long stockings were such a challenge. As I became more independent, I would take mine off and put them back on during the long ride on the school bus. During the years when I wore the very stiff petticoats under my "full" skirts (I would starch them in sugar water or the old thick starch), it was not uncommon to come home from school on very cold days (and after I was freed from having to wear the long stockings) with scratches and red welts on the backs of my legs as a result of a combination of the stiffness and the cold. Ah, vanity! (Judy, were you still home when this was going on? Please tell me I wasn't the only crazy one.)

Judy said...

I had to use vaseline on the starch/sugar induced welts on my legs.
These pictures of Ralston are my earliest memories and very happy ones at that.