Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Penrose Cats Chronicle Continued

Seriously, we're almost out of cats.  I remember laying down on the ground to take pictures of them, like the first one.  And we can't omit the black cat.  Did he have a name?  The last of the five pictures is instructive because of the condition of the front yard.  The first year or two we were in Penrose no one had any energy left to do anything with the yard.  Maybe one or two of these are repeats.


Judy said...

Love these cats....every one of them!

Ann said...

It's a good thing the cats caught the mice in the barns and grainery or they would not have been as popular as they were on the farm. We did have quite the variety of kitty-cats.

Elizabeth said...

I always thought it odd that I can only remember the house as being painted white with copen blue trim - I do remember the weeds in the front yard. There were more important places to cultivate, and who had time to care for a lawn. We went to Grandma and Grandpa's and enjoyed their two patches in front of their house.