Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blood Family Grouping for Father's Day

Sorry that Dwight isn't in these pictures - he was off working, or in Laramie, or some such. Louise was earning money working for R.E.A., and I'm wearing her suit from the Duschene Woolen Mills from Utah. Judy has her blue organdy from the May Day program from school (she sang a solo in the show). However, this picture was not taken on Father's Day - it was taken on Mother's Day way back in the early '50's. We were all preparing to go to Cowley to Stake conference, when it was discovered that the neighbor's cows had taken advantage of a poor fence job, and had gotten into our strawberry beds. Since we raised strawberries to sell to the local grocery stores, this was a major disaster. So, Dad donned his old sweat-stained Stetson, and proceeded to get things straightened around. He didn't go to Conference, but he did stop to take a picture of us in our Sunday finery, and to pose with the family while I snapped the bottom photo. The fact is that Dad was very proud of his family, and cheered their accomplishments. He worked very hard for us, trying to give us a better life. So this seems like an appropriate picture to post for Father's Day -


Judy said...

Eliz, this is a great tribute to our Dad. Your recount of the day puts a different light on the event. I know Mother felt bad when Dad missed church. However, this time he was trying to do something to protect the family income that was sorely needed.

Ann said...

Was this the day Louise gave Mother a very pretty corsage? Somehow I connect those two events together - the corsage and the cows getting into the strawberries. It seems as though there is another picture that shows Mother with the corsage?? Hmmm, must be tired after an adventurous week.

Elizabeth said...

I think you're right, Ann. The corsage just doesn't show in these pictures. And Louise is gone to the cabin until she and Cheryl take off for Powell this weekend, so we can't ask her. Look for that picture?