Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Mother had these orange poppies planted in her garden by the raspberries and gladiolus. I had a terrible time growing them, so last year I finally gave up and RIPPED them out. I guess they liked it because this year they have grown and bloomed as never before.


Dwight said...

Let them grow, let them spread everywhere; for two or three weeks you'll have magic orange poppies everywhere

Elizabeth said...

They are so vividly beautiful - you probably have the key to gardening in Washington. Remember sweet woodruff?

Ann said...

The poppies are beautiful. Last year I planted a handful of mixed flower seeds and this year I have poppies showing up everywhere in reds and oranges. They are such a happy flower. I remember how much Mother loved the poppies.
The beauty of your flowers must be just starting into its season - wish we were there to watch the show.