Monday, June 29, 2009

The Old Dewey Riddle Ranch in Sunlight, Wyoming

Louise and I were just talking about her recent trip to the class reunion in Powell. Cheryl and Lynn took her over Dead Indian into Sunlight, where our great-aunt Elsie (Krajicek) and her husband, Dewey Riddle, had one of the first dude ranches in the area. Dad worked on that ranch, and it was there one summer that Mother came to work as a cabin girl, in between teaching school. Mail was received at a little post office called Paint Creek. I thought that I had posted this website on the blog before, but couldn't find it - goodness, we have a lot of postings!
Anyway, if you will go to this website, you will find the picture of the present-day area; then click on "history", and you will find a brief history of the ranch.


Dwight said...

We have many postings, and at Judy's insistence, and following her meticulous instructions, I categorized the blog. She said she would collapse the categories but I have seen no evidence of this even though I promptly put the categories in there. The Sunlight link brings the years Dad spent there and the place where Mom met Dad to life.

Judy said...

I'll have you know that I have edited the labels on several. All 600+???? Not quite.