Monday, September 13, 2010

House No. 17 in Pohled

No. 17 today

No. 17 before our time.
How do we begin to describe what is felt by our connection to this picture?  Anna CHLADKOVA lived in this house in 1838 and since she was born in 1820, that would have made her 18 years old.  You ask, who was this Anna....She is the paternal grandmother of our g-grandfather, Frank KRAJICEK, who is the father of our grandmother, Louise Krajicek Blood.

Is Anna in this picture?  One would have to study Cezch photography history to see what the possibilities are.  The original of the picture  was shown to Shannon's researcher by the husband of current owner of the property.  The reseracher was told that several CHALDEK generations lived at the farm.  Whether Anna is in the picture or not, the surroundings, clothing, buildings, etc. would have been nearly the same. 

Just a quick glance at websites concerning photography history in eastern Europe lets us know that taking this picture was a big deal.
This is a current picture where the orginal farm court was and this is the husband of the present owner.  We are indebeted to him for sharing the old photo.


Ann said...

As these doors open, thanks to Shannon's persistence and good researchers, I can't help but wonder what a difference all of this would have made to Dad - to know more about his family, who they were, where they came from. I am so thankful for the work that is being done to help us learn more.

Elizabeth said...

And also, a difference to Mother, Ann. She worked so diligently over the years to keep in touch with the Kray family, to try to uncover the mysteries of their genealogy. Perhaps she did some maneuvering from the place where she is now, that allowed all of these findings to be uncovered. Thank you, Shannon, for being the instrument to make these wonderful discoveries.

Anonymous said...


I am wondering if your Frank Krajicek ever lived in Iowa. Or do you know any Krajicek's that did. I am searching for the daughter of Frank Krajicek and Ella Carter. Her name is Ruth Agnes Krajicek and they lived in Webster, Iowa.

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