Monday, February 28, 2011

The Dress - Almost Twins?

During the 1970's, as my little brood traveled to Washington during the summer Judy and I had a chance to plan some projects together. We would discover that we often had purchased the same patterns - fabric, etc. (Later, Ann would join the mix - I still have a piece of fabric that we bought separately; she sewed hers first, and since we were in the same Ward, I didn't want to be a copycat, and still have the fabric in my cedar chest.). Anyway, we must have been together when we chose the pattern and fabric for this dress. (You will notice that mine was a little fancier - lace on the sleeves.) I loved this dress so much that I still have it tucked away, and Judy just confessed that hers is intact, too. Maybe it will go into a quilt some day. By the way, this dress was worn during the days of fashion of the mini skirt, so the choice was either a long dress or slacks - or jeans. That was the rule in my house, and it worked very well.
This picture is one that is part of an album - the kind with the magnetic leaves, so the background of the pages is turning brown from the acid in the paper. Unfortunately, I waited too long to remove the pictures, so scanning is the only way to preserve. Our first graders learned ITA (The Initial Teaching Alphabet), where each sound in the English language had a character. We took pictures of our first-grade class in various activities, and then had the children write stories about each picture. I'm sure you can read this one.


Judy said...

Everybody wore a long dress to church. Of course we fell in love with the Holly Hobby prints. I believe we bought the fabric at Penney's, back when they did that.

As for the lace on Elizabeth's dress, she was always just more fuffy. Not really, but it is fun to tease.

The kids that you had in school had good taste, since they liked your special dress too. Fun to see these pictures.

Ann said...

And somewhere in my less than organized mess is a photo Dwight took of me outside the Provo Temple the day Russell and Susan were married. Guess what I was wearing? The long dresses were fun to wear.

Elizabeth said...

Find it! It would add greatly to the mix. I loved the long dresses - they made me feel so graceful - all illusion, for sure.