Monday, March 28, 2011

The Best Apple Peeler

One reason I cannot redo my kitchen with new cabinets, is because I would loose my 3 bread boards.  You can see that they are used  as a ground for very modern kitchen equipment.  This is Mother's old apple peeler.

Which of us gave that handle the most cranks?  Even though we were acknowledged for being "good helpers" at applesauce making time, I'm sure that Mother was the winner in this contest.


Kevin said...

These pictures are so impressive. I am sure my peers will enjoy these too.childrens furniture

Ann said...

And I have thought all of these years that this treasure had disappeared. What a fun way to open up the blog this morning. I always thought the apple peeler was quite magic. I saw one in a catalog that closely resembles this apple peeler, and it was VERY expensive.

Elizabeth said...

Our apple peeler is very simple compared to Mother's. But, Judy, why don't your knuckles hit the bread board when you move the handle around? I'm trying to figure this one out.