Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Going After the Cows and a Lifelong Munchie Habit

Has anyone besides me acquired a lifelong habit of needing a few munchies or goodies to take with you when you go on a walk or for an errand?  My wife asked me where I got this compulsive behavior of thinking I needed something to suck on, chew on, or eat when I leave the house.  I explained that it came from going after the cows.  When we lived in Ralston during WWII, the cows pastured on a boggy field by the canal just above our home.  We had to go up the lane near the ditch rider's house, open a wire gate, collect the cows, and drive them home.  Since it was summer, we found a lot of what we took with us to eat from the garden.  At various times, I remember plums, sand cherries, and carrots.  We didn't have much candy in the kitchen cupboards, but usually there was a bag of hard lemon drops and maybe another variety once in awhile.  In Penrose, Eliz was promoted to chief cow collector and she became the expert, although I do remember going a few times.  Before I went, I had to find something to eat on the way.  Now I have a bigger variety of options for goodies, but every time I go I remember going after the cows.  And that is why I look for something to munch on before I leave the house.


Elizabeth said...

Maybe the reason I liked to go get the cows was (1) I felt very grown-up and responsible as Mother schooled me on various aspects of the job - wear my straw hat, carry a willow switch, watch out for snakes, if there was lightning, curl up as small as possible in a ditch, etc. and (2) there was always something to take - dried apricots were my especial favorite, but I would settle for raisins. Food that was purchased was carefully meted out, so these two items from the store were special. I really loved that job!

Judy said...

When it came my turn to head the round up, it was still dried apricots and occasionly we would suck on an ice cube wrapped in a clean hankie at the beginning of the trip. It is welcoming to me to hear of the little details from the past that are still with us in one form or another.