Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Steve!

These two pictures of Steve were taken a few years ago during the only visit we ever made to their upstate New York home and shop. I like them, because I think they reflect his great attitude toward life. I'm sure that he has perhaps aged a teeny bit since these pictures were taken, but it couldn't be too much, right, Steve? Steve was always the pesky little brother who had so much fun in life. The one grumpy time I remember was when he was nine, and Dad lowered the weight of the hay bales to 25 pounds each, so that Steve and I could build the piles. He did grumble a bit, and I suspect that the work was hard for him. It was for me, and I'm just a girl. I remember the day he was born. Mother was wearing the bright flowered smock (one of my favorite tops), and Aunt Sofe and Aunt Cindy came by the house with flowers, trying to talk Mother into going to the Penrose cemetery with them to put flowers on Uncle Orville's and cousin Lois Johnson's graves. Mother refused them, and later, in a practical manner, said that after all, they weren't really there. Later in the afternoon, things began to stir, as Mother sent Daddy to Grandma's house to call Dr. Coulston, and instead of asking us girls to make her bed, she was busy doing that. (I had been unaware that another baby was on its way - I just loved the prettier tops she wore.) As Mother was getting the sheets down from her closet, Dwight told her that the baby had to be a boy, as he was tired of so many sisters. He certainly wasn't thinking - there was 11 years difference, and he didn't really get to know Steve until in later years. All of us but Louise trekked across the field to Grandma and Grandpa Wasden's house. Louise stayed behind to bake the bread that had been rising, and then came, also. I don't remember what time Dad came across the field to announce Steve's birth, but it was almost dark when we got home. Steve was lying on a pillow, and I can still visualize him filing the length of the pillow with his lanky body. Mother later said that he weighed a little over 12 pounds at birth - quite a feat for such a tiny woman.

I always think of Steve and Ann together, getting into all sorts of mischief. Later, Steve was a buddy - someone interested in art and drawing, as I was. Then there were the difficult years, the years of not being available to each other, etc. But we've been back on track for a long time, and are so thankful that Mother and Dad had six children to make our family complete. You may be the last, but you're certainly not the least. Love you, and hope your day is a good one.


Judy said...

Elizabeth writes the sentiments of us all. This last year has been full of miracles for Steve and we continue to be grateful. Now, Steve, to the work ahead. Finish those kitchen cabinets, get the furniture stuff going, and all the other stuff on your list. We love you so. Happy birthday!

Dwight said...

Actually, we went up to Cindy's while Steve was arriving. Happy birthday even though you made a lot of racket in my room.

Ann said...

The house has been full of kids, so I was glad when I checked the blog and found Elizabeth had done a masterful job of covering Steve's Happy Birthday.
It is fun to reminisce about days that are past. I think that is one of the ways we find the courage and excitement for whatever lies ahead. May this next year continue to hold more adventures for you, including projects to do, and fun stuff to discover. Love you lots.

Steve Blood said...

Thanks everyone, it was a spectacular day. I stuck a 20 lb. turky on the grill and went to work in the shop while Mary Lynn slaved in the kitchen all day. In the evening we ate, talked to friends and family, said stupid things and laughed a lot. (serious conversation is banned at my birthday dinner.)
AndDwight, you have to be careful what yoou wish for. Love you all.

Louise Blood said...

I'm glad you had such a great day. Even though I am a day late you were on my mind all day yesterday, so a belated happy birthday with lots and lots of love. I'm glad for the blog that helps to bridge the distance. (By the way, when DO you carry on serious conversations?) Keep laughing.