Sunday, May 29, 2011

Liz and the White Cat: There's More Here Than Meets the Eye

I ran this photo through several filters to try and figure out what was in the background through the screen door.  I deduced that this back step was for the original two room house where the kitchen was where Dad later had his shop.  Thus, the image through the door must be the stove.  Study the picture carefully and tell all the stories.


Louise Blood said...

I remember the kitchen and, yes, it is the stove you see in the background. It was in the corner of the room. The stand with the water bucket and wash basin was in the southest corner, and the table was in the center of the room. I don't remember cupboards - along the wall by the stove? Or the opposite wall?

Steve Blood said...

As per our conversation on May ? 2011, "Happy Birthday!!!"

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Steve - late again? One story about this picture - look at the can for kerosene on the left. Mother said that the cap had long been lost, so she put a potato over it so that the kerosene would still be intact.