Sunday, May 15, 2011

Six Blood Children of Russell and Minnie Blood: at Dad's Funeral 1993

The resolution on this camera isn't very good, but the photos might have some historical relevance.  From left to right, Steve, Ann, Judy, Elizabeth, Dwight, and Louise


Ann said...

This is a memorable photo because the six of us are together. More smiles because of a very emotional day. Somehow we always seemed to be able to bolster each other up, especially when times were difficult.
If my dates are correct, Dad died in March 1993, so this would have been taken at the Cody chapel (cultural hall) after the trip to the cemetery. Correct me if I am wrong. Does this all seem so many, many years ago?

Dwight said...

I meant 1993. Whoops.

Judy said...

We do good when we are bound together. This was one of our best efforts.