Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dad, Liz, Dwight, Louise Early Day Penrose

A bit fuzzy.  Amazingly, I remember the skirt Louise is wearing in this photo.  Had we gone to Church?  If so, where?  When did church stop being held in Penrose?  And would all of us have gone to Byron?  Who knows?


Elizabeth said...

I'm guessing Byron. Since I can't remember Church in Penrose (although I was blessed there), I do remember Church in Byron, and Grandma leading the singing. Mother used to make rabbits in the cradle with her handkerchief to keep me under control. Think it worked? We all look very dressed up.

Judy said...

But I am not in the picture, and I too was blessed in the old Penrose church. And if you did attend at Penrose and it was so close, do you think you got there on time?