Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

 Dad was always obliging when I wanted to take his picture - this one with the tall lilies, astilbe, and dahlias in my Tumwater garden.
 This is the baby picture that we're forever grateful for.  There weren't too many pictures of Dad as he was growing up, because his mother passed away 8 months from this picture.
And this picture, taken the summer of 1980 when Mother was ill with her cancer.  Dad tried to retain his sanity by making one of his Germany pictures, which he gave to me.  We did not take many pictures of the picture-making process.

There are so many fathers in our family today.  It is very fitting that we take time to show appreciation for having them in our lives.  Our Dad was always a little bigger than life.  His distinctive voice carried far, and he was often shushed (much to his chagrin) when there was a baby in the house.  His laugh and enjoyment of family banter can not be forgotten.  Dad and Mother would do anything for their children that they thought would be good for them - they never quit parenting us.  I could write a lot more, but there are other things calling this morning.  Just wanted to wish all of the fathers a wonderful day, and give them a big thank-you for all that they do for their families.


Ann said...

Thank you for doing this nice remembrance, Elizabeth. You've hit on a couple of Dad's loves - his marquetry and pretty flowers.

Judy said...

So often I live on the words of others which is so easy to do with Elizabeth's post today. We all love our father both collectively and privately in our individual, personal way.
I, too, am grateful for all of the Dads (brothers, brothers-in-law, sons, sons-in-law, grandsons, etc.) in this family.

Dwight said...

Thanks Liz.