Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Familiar Smells and Other Stuff

Are there childhood smells you sometimes long for?  Fresh baked bread or Mother's fried chicken, the smell of the sagebrush after a rain storm, a bowl of freshly picked strawberries,  or grape Kool-aid in a quart jar on a hot summer day?  There is a smell that has been tugging at my memory senses and today Paul helped me with this one.

Tonight when we crawl into bed, I can bury my face in the sheets and there will be that very fresh smell of sheets that have been dried without anything but the sunshine.  Can life get any better than that?
I know, our blog is coming, but life has been very busy, and so I am sharing on Penrose Mornings one more time (according to Judy, she doesn't think I really will do a blog - should I take that as a challenge, or should I just let her be right?).

Here is an update on the chicks - the photos speak for themselves.  We are at the one month mark and not one casualty.
Scout, the cat, is so intrigued she spends her days laying around the edge of the coop to keep tabs on the chicks' comings and goings.  We may have a rooster, so Laura has named that one "Dinner".
Life is busy and ever so good in our little corner of the world, in spite of forest fires all around us, and turmoil everywhere we turn.  We are very blessed.


Judy said...

No baby chicks are so royally housed. I want to know who is going to prepare "Dinner". They sure are growing!
Then there is the clothes line. May I sleep in your outdoors dried sheets? I don't know if we would have enough dry days to get sheets dry......and today is not going to be one of them.

Elizabeth said...

Sleeping under sheets dried in the sunshine and/or wind. But do use the dryer when it begins to freeze. The chickens look like they will be beautiful. "Dinner"? I want to know who will put him in the pot???? Only one rooster? Maybe you can put a muzzle on him.