Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More History

This is a photo that is new to me (ok, so it was in my stuff???).  It is a photo of the Dewey S. Riddle Ranch in Painter Wyoming.  The date on the photo is 1931.  Dudes and a/the dudette??  The original is very small and not terribly clear, but once again it shows a part of the ranch house and a really neat car.

These are people we need to know.  From left to right, Rose Kray (Krajicek) Allgeier, Helen Kray (Krajicek) McGinnis, Elsie Kray (Krajicek) Riddle and Ann/Nance Kray (Krajicek) Rice.  These are the sisters of our Grandmother Louise.  Photo was taken in 1955.
This photo was taken in 1949 and is of two of Louise's brothers, Joe and Henry.

Dad often commented about how hard it was to not know much about his family (as in Aunts and Uncles, etc.).  This note from Rose to Mary Quick (she married Roscoe after Louise died) suggests, I think, there was longing on both sides.

This is a tiny photo of Great Grandmother Veronika. Not of great quality, but here you go.

This is a photo Elizabeth shared with me several years ago.  Veronika Mach Kray is in the front and her sisters are behind her.  Elizabeth was not sure who was who, but their names are Antoinette (maybe Greenwald?), Anna and Kathrine "Kate".  Any ideas?  Again a very old and poor photo, but it may be helpful somehow.
I know this is a long post, but I have got to pass on stuff that I should have taken care of years ago.  Hopefully some of this is worthwhile to someone.  


Dwight said...

wonderful work and a great addition; but how did you manage to get all this stuff?

Elizabeth said...

These are important pictures - It's interesting how the sisters differed in looks and build. Thanks for all of the sharing. (Were some of these in the box, or did you already have them?)

Ann said...

Most of these were in letters that Eva and Rose had sent to Dad. When we had divided the genealogy among Elizabeth, Judy and me just before Dad and Elna got married, I "accidentally" ended up with these. (I think that is how it happened, and because I can't really remember, then I'm going with this.)

Judy said...

How do you have time to do this? You have chicks to babysit. Thanks for squeezing it in.

Dwight said...

These pictures are among the most important posted on our family blog. Aside from the sadness of never knowing our grandmother Louise and our grandfather Roscoe, comes the knowledge that we had many aunts and uncles we never knew, that were never part of our lives.

Dwight said...

Well obviously not aunts and uncles, but people in our family we might have known.

Judy said...

But how about "Great" ones?
You are on the right track, Dwight.

Ann said...

Just a funny note. We have been doing this blog so long I am beginning to repeat things. The photo of the Kray sisters was posted way back when. I am sorry for the repeat. I guess if it was a good idea then, it is a good idea now????