Monday, July 9, 2012

Photos of Penrose and Dwight's Two Oldest Boys

 This is a sad lesson in why we shouldn't crop photos.  These are photos I took of Dwight's two oldest boys, Russell and Ron, when they came to Penrose for a visit.  The first photo shows a few more fun things about the living room, (besides two cute, mischievous boys) before the radio died, and the gas heater/stove was replaced with the wall heaters.
 This photo is fun because it shows some of the outbuildings (chicken coop!!!) and a very young Ron.

Note the truck loaded with hay, the garden tractor shed, and the light pole that so often served as home base, or in the case of baseball, first base.  I just thought these showed a few things that were worthwhile to share.  


Judy said...

Cute little boys that look like their dad when he was little. The visual detail helps put everything on the farm in its right place. In the top picture, I think that is my cello put in the corner by the radio....Good job, Ann.

Dwight said...

Thanks for these pictures, I've never seen them. Must be 1958 because Ron was 2 weeks old when we left for Ann Arbor in 1956 and we didn't return for two years.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Ann. This is a piece of history I missed out on. Brings back memories of the house. The boys do look like Dwight when he was little.