Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Harvest Time

As I am putting the garden to "bed" for the winter, there are still carrots and beets to pull.  However, as I started that little project, I ran across this really big carrot and have come to the conclusion that I will mulch that bed in with straw (thank you for the reminder, Judy) and just pull them as needed.  This carrot will feed us for two to three meals.  It has been a good year in the garden.

And then there are the chickens.  This is what happens when academics get together and try to solve non-academic challenges.  One of Paul's colleagues told him to put golf balls in the nesting boxes to encourage egg production (Huh!) and to teach the chickens to not peck on the eggs when they do appear, so the next morning when I went out to check the nesting boxes and found golf balls nestled in the pine chips, I have to admit my first instinct was to throw them out.  I asked Paul if I could post this on the blog, and he was just a little hesitant.  However, what if it will help?  Chickens are 22 weeks on the 29th so by Thanksgiving there should be something besides golf balls to gather!

As many of you know, we made a quick trip to Glendale, Arizona to go to church with Greg and Kim and to participate in their son's, (Shaun), ordination to the Aaronic Priesthood.  Their ward now has a new, handsome deacon to help out.  While we were there, there wasn't much time for doing anything, but we did manage to drive by where their new temple is being built.  It is about 10 minutes from where Greg and Kim live, and will be such a blessing to the church members in the northwest part of Phoenix.  After getting through so many obstacles, the framework is up.  Needless to say, this is an exciting time for them.


Judy said...

What a great post--from chickens laying golf balls to temples to HUGEST carrots. What is a good way to use the beets?? Happy Harvest!

Elizabeth said...

There is a connection between a great carrot harvest and the ordination of your grandson to the Aaronic Priesthood! Carefully nurturing the people in our lives is like tending a garden - Hope that makes sense to you. Congratulations!

Judy said...

Elizabeth!!! Welcome back to Penrose Mornings. This is a good sign. We have missed you.

Ann said...

I agree with Judy. Happy Day! I love it when things show just a little hint of returning to normal. Even a hint is wonderful.