Monday, October 22, 2012

Rainbows, John Deere Tractors, and Squash and Pumpkins

I thought we needed some rainbows.  I know the background is too bright, but bear with me for awhile and I'll change it again.  This John Deere is much fancier than the one that we had, the one Dad constantly had to fix and order parts for and even drive it in to Powell to the John Deere store, and which I spent endless hours driving to rake hay and other field work.


Ann said...

Love it!

Judy said...

What fun to open Penrose Mornings today and find John Deere. I still want one.......We have the small mower tractor, but there is nothing like a real one.

Elizabeth said...

Appropriate picture for the blog -and I love the rainbow(s)! John Deere is just classier than the other kinds of tractors. Ron had a couple of antique ones that he had to sell when we moved to Preston. Sacrifices!