Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flowers for Solace

These are the beautiful yellow roses that Judy chose for Blood family contribution to Jenny's funeral.  They were a ray of sunshine on a very drab day.  Interestingly enough, Ron chose this bouquet to take to our hosts, and was so pleased when Judy told him that she had picked them because they reminded her of Jenny's smile.  Judy had chosen the spray that we purchased, and proceeded to separate it into multiple bouquets to put around the house.  So, we just exchanged - a very good thing to do on such an occasion.  The funeral itself was beautiful - Ron, Julie and Andrea spoke, and then Judy Frizzell, one of the Home Teachers to Jennifer spoke.  She is a wonderful teacher, and we were so pleased with her talk.  We had so much support in Olympia - very grateful for friends who have not forgotten us in the 17 1/2 years we have lived in Preston.  More about this gathering later on my blog.

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Ann said...

What beautiful flowers for a gray day. Judy's choice was perfect. Last week must have been an emotional roller coaster for all concerned. It is such a blessing to have family gather. I think the courage and understanding that comes from such a gathering cannot be measured.
I am glad you are safe at home. May this week be full of healing moments and sweet thoughts.