Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'm Calling To Warn You

The last couple of days have been full of conversations with kids who are trying to survive in the mountains of snow, while others are fighting the dreaded cold/flu/sick in the foots diseases, and with sisters who call to "warn me" about the delightful opportunities for discussions of who has what and when was it purchased and who knew before whom.  So, here goes.

1.  Dwight bought a new computer - a Dell - because he ran out of memory (oops, not him, but his computer) with all of the photos he has stored on his hard drive.  Yes, I bought a new computer - an HP from Costco - but did not share that with anyone at the time.  However, just last week I did share that bit of information with Dwight, who was somewhat concerned because I had not related that info to him earlier.  He always wants to know how much memory, how fast, and other mundane tidbits.  If Laura isn't around I just fake my answers.  Now, if I had suggested that he save his photos on the "Cloud", would that have saved him the money he spent on the new computer so he could have bought a Panini Press?  I think we all know the answer to that question.

2.  Dwight bought a Shark Steamer to clean his floors with and the grapevine has relayed the info to me that he loves it.  Should I have told him I bought the little Shark shoulder pack vacuum to clean my floors because it is easier to for me to move around with and it only cost me $50.00 at Kohls because I could use my Kohls cash?  Granted, his Shark Steamer has the wet stuff, and my Shark only does the dry stuff, so maybe we both need both?

3.  Judy needed something new to do, so I suggested it might be time to learn about Pinterest.  She has obviously made great progress in that direction because when I opened my email this morning I was informed that she is following ALL of my boards on Pinterest.  Now I have to be really careful what I pin because someone is following me.  So, just to make sure she didn't feel left out, I have decided to follow all of her boards.  Does Dwight know how to use Pinterest?  How about Elizabeth, Louise, Steve?  Does anyone want an invite?

4.  Elizabeth has empty nesters luncheon this next week.  Who knew that? Who is advising her on how to do a minimal cleaning because no one will notice anyway?  She needs our help.

5.  Steve is busy putting photos on my Facebook page (which I visit once in a blue moon, but when he calls me to check it out, I try to be obedient).  So far, he has posted a chicken photo and a photo of a young woman who has a moose for a pet.  Life is good!

6.  Louise must be busy trying to keep warm.  She is probably smarter than all of us, with more of the new fangled things to keep her busy than we can guess.  Maybe she even has a Panini Press.

7.  It has been recommended that I learn how to text via my computer (because my cell phone isn't very fancy???) so I can send texts to our grandchildren, such as "hope your having a good day, etc."  I am concerned that means there is one more thing I will forget to do when I should have done it.  Does Dwight text?  How about Judy, Elizabeth, Steve and Louise.

So, here's the deal.  Life has become very complicated, although I have always thought when I turned 70 it was time to sit back and just be thankful I can remember how to play DVDs and turn up the heat. However, with the impetus to try and keep one step ahead of my siblings, I think I will go check out Costco.  Welcome to Saturday!


Judy said...

The Pied Piper has struck again.

Elizabeth said...

I'll approach these items in order: #1 & 2 - not applicable; #3, No to Pinterest - got enough to cope with. #4 Consensus today was to cancel Empty Nesters - too much flu and serious illness floating around among our bunch. #5 & 6, not applicable. #7, Text? ?????? I have to call Dorothy to remember how. So much for being modern and keeping up. The next thing I have to learn how to do is how to put a decent picture of Ron and myself on our Church directory - the ones that were taken were awful. The challenges of modern technology - and yes, Judy, Ann is the Pied Piper, adided and abetted by Laura.

Ann said...

Whew to Elizabeth. I am sorry there is so much illness going around, and wish others would have the good sense to stay home instead of sharing their bounty.

Steve Blood said...

Pinterest, been there and gone, too many security questions besides telling my competitors my every move. Flu? I feel the best I've felt all winter, my flooring supplier says he'll come take my wood floor back if I use steam on it. But lets digress to the G. Foreman grill, Mary Lynn got hers out Thursday night, grreat if you llike steam and boiled beef. (But honey, it doesn't stink up the houe like frying.) 68 dregrees today, we'll pay for it tomarrow, who cares it was wonderful. New mat cutter a breeze.

Elizabeth said...

Steve, is that 68 degrees outside? We had -15 this morning. A wee bit chilly. I agree about George Foreman. However, I have found that I can fry hamburgers in my electric frying pan, have them turn out juicy, drain them a little, and they are good - less mess than the cook top. p.s. Am I the only one who has to get out my magnifying glass to read the numbers on the proof that I'm not a robot?

Ann said...

Just a quick thought in defense of Pinterest. It is a perfect way for me to manage my bookmarks. In place of a list of "things" that I can't decide why I have bookmarked them, I have pictures on my Pinterest boards and that has made a huge difference in trying to find something I thought was wonderful a few days/weeks/months ago.