Thursday, January 24, 2013

Powell’s trash heading to Cowley

Powell’s trash heading to Cowley: Powell’s trash heading to Cowley
Written by Tessa Schweigert
Beginning today, the city of Powell will take all of its trash to the Cowley landfill. On Monday night, the Powell City Council voted 5-2 to accept a proposal from Big Horn County.
The one-year agreement allows Powell to take its trash to the Cowley landfill for $78 per ton. That’s $12 a ton cheaper than the $90 Powell has been paying to take its trash to Cody. Park County commissioners chose to offer Powell no discounts, providing only a list of current landfill rates.
Monday’s meeting became heated at times, as leaders from Park County and the city of Powell rehashed years of landfill debates.
Councilmen’s decision means Park County will lose roughly $450,000 in revenue from Powell’s trash in the coming year, while Big Horn County gains an additional revenue stream. See related story
We’ll have a lot more details about Monday night’s discussion and the potential impacts of the decision in Thursday’s paper.

This shocking news definetely takes Cowley off of the preferred living areas to move.


Ann said...

Does this mean Deaver is still a possibility?

Judy said...

And where is Frannie in the line-up?